Product Review As Affiliate Strategy

March 20th, 2010

When first starting out as an affiliate marketer, many choose to earn their first income by reviewing products to receive a sale when someone ends up buying the product.

This is perhaps the easiest way to earn quick commissions..

..if done properly!

This blog posts discusses how to write good reviews about information products, but feel free to adjust the techniques for promoting other types of products as well.

Keep in mind the following when writing reviews:

  • Buy the product you are promoting, or get a review copy. You can be way better at selling something you have seen and tried first hand, than just from quick guesses.
  • Also mention not so positive sides about the product, but include how your reader can make up for that by giving them free information or how to report/video which solves the problem. Your reader will trust your review more if they see your review is not just a salespitch.
  • Include ratings in form of stars, dices etc
  • Make a video where you show the viewers all or some of the following: you buying the product, a peak at the members area or inside an ebook (ask product owner for permission if in doubt), go through the sales letter with them.
  • Get an interview with the product owner

The list above was ment to give you ideas and affiliate tips to use and make you get creative and have fun while writing reviews.

Once you get the hang of this affiliate strategy you will get the feeling of how to build and write a review in a short time.

Don’t forget to make your review both balanced, revealing, educational and unique. Get the review recipe right, and you have a winner strategy for great affiliate income.

The Affiliate Code is great for learning how to market for free as an affiliate using review sites and other strategies.

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  1. Navya

    I’m a newbie, your post is really useful to me. Thanks for sharing the information! But I think getting an interview from the product owner and all these things are not too easy!!

  2. David

    Great read, thank you for this great post.

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